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Welcome to the Baker County Republican Central Committee.
Our Baker County, Oregon roots run deep.

In many cases we're fourth and fifth generation Baker County residents. Some of our children and grandchildren are the sixth generation to put down roots in this community. We're entrepreneurs, elected officials, businessmen and businesswomen, farmers, ranchers, miners and truck drivers. We work at your local grocery store. We harvest local timber. We come from all cross-sections of the community. We are men, women, young and old. We support the United States and Oregon States Constitutions.

We are convervative and proud of it.

Recent successes!

In fall of 2018, The Baker County Republican Central Committee drafted the Baker County Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance. The question, "Shall Baker County voters adopt the Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance?" was posed to Baker County voters who chose overwhelmingly to adopt and make this ordinance part of the Baker County Code. The Ordinance prohibits the use of Baker County funds, facilities and employees to enforce or punish any law, rule or order which infringes upon the right to bear arms such as (not exclusive):

  • Registration requirement of lawfully owned firearms.
  • Prohibitions as to “assault” type firearms.
  • Restrictions pertaining magazine capacity or types of ammunition.
  • Restrictions prohibiting possession, carry or transport of lawfully possessed firearms & ammunition.

The Ordinance protects the right to: Freely manufacture, transfer, sell and buy firearms, firearm accessories and ammunitions; Keep and bear arms in self-defense and preservation of one’s community and country; View any law or regulations of the right to keep and bear arms that violate the Second, Ninth, Tenth or Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and State of Oregon Constitution as unconstitutional, therefore null and void. The full Ordinance is available here for download.